Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta Beach, Thailand | Andaman Tropical IslandThe Koh Lanta district is located in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand, between the Phi Phi islands and the mainland. It consists of two major islands, the larger, more populated Koh Lanta Yai and the smaller Koh Lanta Noi. They are part of Krabi Province and located approximately 70 km from Krabi Town.

Koh Lanta Yai, the primary island for tourism, measures 30 km long and 6 km wide and forms part of the Koh Lanta archipelago. Koh Lanta is less well known or busy than the neighbouring Phi Phi and Phuket islands. It is relatively less developed, has attractive white sandy beaches, splendid scenery and coastlines. The geography of the island is typically mangroves; coral rimmed beaches; and rugged tree covered hills. Lanta has also been named as one of “The Best Secret Beaches on Earth” by Travel + Leisure magazine!

Koh Lanta, Thailand | Palm Tree Lined Beach | Andaman Tropical IslandSaladan, the main town, is located at the northern tip of the island and has both passenger and car ferry ports. The main beaches are located on the west of the island, the largest being Klong Dao, Long Beach, Klong Khong and Klong Nin Beaches. Further south are some smaller and very scenic beaches including Kantiang Bay, Klong Jark and Bamboo Bay. On the east coast of Koh Lanta there is a more local feel and the coast is covered primarily by mangroves; Lanta Old Town is a traditional fishing village in this area with very scenic views overlooking the many islands to the east. There is a large variety of accommodation options on the island to suite your needs and tastes. A great way to spend a day is to travel around and explore the rest of the island.

There are many small islands nearby with beautiful coral reefs and teeming with underwater life. Koh Lanta is best known for it’s long, sandy beaches and access to some of Thailand’s best scuba diving. However there are many other things to do and things to see on the island when you are not diving or snorkeling.

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